About NGO Jamaica

"The central effort of the most successful NGOs and Not-For-Profit Organisations is to explore and implement best practices; develop and strengthen a successful business model for financial sustainability; build capacity and infrastructure for effective operations and to identify and recruit champions and change partners. Following the recent Bright Prospect presentation, a select panel of discussants gave voice to the perspectives of key stakeholders: NGO’s, representatives of Government, Corporate Foundations and other Not-For-Profit Organisations. The panel was convened to brainstorm the issues that would surface in adopting the Bright Prospect model from the USA and applying it to a Jamaican context.

Following the robust and engaging discussion, several recommendations were surfaced to help advance the state of play in Jamaica. Proposals were tabled that called for continued engagement to keep the momentum going and coordinate the voices for greater sectoral impact going forward. The forum achieved the intention of creating the energy, engagement, synergy and support to drive further toward a new and relevant local solution for success through public-private partnerships.

A strong consensus emerged: that the organisations in attendance would continue to collaborate and develop a network among themselves. The process begun in that forum would be continued to strengthen the collective voices, share information and resources with Government acting as an important facilitator. In the end, a common goal emerged to seek to further discussions and actions to build strategic, unique and new public-private partnerships for Jamaica’s advancement. Hence, the creation of this new forum at Www.NGOJamaica.com to facilitate communications, funding and broad-based support"

- Leo Williams